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Well, I saw results in like 4 days. This will be the 8th day that I have been on BP for my back and nothing has given me better results than this. I've been on Anit-biotics, topical anitbiotics, some cream mixed with cortizone, Retina-A, Acnease, and various other home remedy things.

For me, BP basically melted the zits away. They haven't all gone away yet because initailly I tried BP for 5 days on a spot on my back first. I am however experiencing some redness in my skin because I think I skimped on the moisturizer on the beginning. Let me tell you this though... what have you go to loose!

Here is what I do. Wash back in shower with warm water, wash back with cetaphil cleanser, rinse with warm water, use 5% BP soap, rinse with warm water, final rince with COLD water (the cold water will make yoiu jump I know!) Get out of the shower, pat dry back, wait another 5-10 minutes to dry completely. Apply BP Gel. How much BP to apply? I take my index finger, make a swiggily line of BP on it and then apply that to about 1/4 of my back (I'm 5'9", maybe if you are shorter you should use less).

What BP Cream to get. I would get a water based Gel. I live in canada and PanOxyl Aqua Gel and Persagel are the only BP water based ones I've found. Start with using a 2.5% concentration at first and see how you like that for a few days.

Apply BP gel to the affected areas because apply to non affected areas will just make your skin peel (That is what happened to me).

I do this 2x a day (morning and evening). The only difference in the morning is that I use a moisturizer after applying BP (I wait 5 minutes before using the moisturizer). Right now I am using a Cetaphil Moisturizer.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Best of luck! Oh and Congrats on graduating!


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