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Unless you have a strong foundation, with the
following steps in place, you cannot begin to
control - then cure- your acne:

1. Specifically balanced diet
-medium carbs, medium protein, LOW fat
2. Mild cleanser
-antibacterial soap, or homeopathic
3. Daily/Weekly exfoliation (depending on skin type)
-fresh lemon juice (dly) or bentonite masks (wkly)
4. Vitamins/EFAs to fulfill deficiencies from diet
-B5, Omega 3-6-9, Antioxidants (A, E, Se), etc.
5. Oil control/inflammation controlling (mild) topical
-Ketsugo/Isolutrol, OIl absorbing lotion, etc.

I know this sounds basic, but it is only with a
basic attack, geared toward your personal symptoms,
that will allow you to overcome your acne.

Too many people try waaaaaaay too many products.
They're using 10 products on their skin and 20
supplements for their body. Find what works for
you and then start to remove (or lower) the amounts
you're using so you can find your daily requirement.

I hope this helps

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