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My dermatologist has performed acne surgery on my face using a comedone extractor. As I explained in a different thread, I have clusters of non-inflamed comedones (so they're not technically blemishes or whiteheads) all over my face, particularly around my chin. My derm told me that the only way to clear these up (not sure if I believe him) would be to extract them. The technician uses the tip of an instrument that looks like a razor blade to prick the comedone open, and then uses the extractor to press out the wax (usually the substance inside) out. High pain factor, for me, anyways. I found that it didn't even really get rid of the comedones, either, as they sprouted up right after the tissue healed.

If you're going to use an extractor, please don't use it on large areas of your face at one time, as this will only inflame your skin more noticeably. Always disinfect and use a toner/astringent when you're done. If your skin is really irritated from the extracting method, you might want to dab some neosporin and then apply a layer of gauze to the area.

Good luck!

PS Where did you find the extractor? At a beauty store?


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