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I know this may sound a bit incredible and different and against everything we all know about acne but im going to say it because i feel that what i found that it works absolutly works. Ok first off id like to say im 16 and had acne since i was 12. So im not going to say big words cause i cant... lol but i tried everything from accutane to proactive all had short term effects but my acne always came back.

Ok what im getting at is this there is a cure for acne buts its not a drug or miracle lotion of any kind. Its like this i realized what i was eating and i got interested into herbal stuff. I figured out what was good for my body and what was bad. I realized that most foods that we buy at the store have no where near the vitamin and mineral content prior to WWII all of our food today gets pasturized is sprayed with all sorts of crap and in the long run nutrients and everything else nature intended for us is gone so the food can be preserved longer. Ok as for acne now im certain that acne is only the reflection of all the bad crap going on in your body right now.

Cmon have you ever noticed that people will tell you that diet has nothing to do with your skin problems that its all caused by bacteria? Gah i get that all the time well if bacteria was the cause then why does your freind who have perfect skin dont get acne maybe a pimple or too but not as bad as you? Ill tell you why because Bacteria doesnt cause acne sure it might stimulate it and give you a pimple but really have you ever wondered what that white ***** stuff is in your pimple will check it out its a bunch of toxins your body is expelling through your skin. when you get rid of all the toxins in your body i wonder what happens? Candillia overgrowth lol. But you can fix that up by buying herbs to kill the parasites and candillia and implating good bacteria thats important for healthy skin like acidophillus and that big word that starts with a S and others. Anyway you gotta take all the nutrients your current diet isnt givbing like suffiecient amounts of calcuim selenium your EFAs (flax borage primrose) B3 B6 Zinc Magnesium Vit E all that good stuff but in high amounts and cut out the bad stuff like cow products milk yogurt stuff like that cmon think about it Cow milk eww... What other species consume milk after infancy humans... And we dont even consume our own species milk cmon if your looking for calcium eat Fruits... geese. Alright there are a ton of info about this and the best thing about it is that it works cause guesss what how can someone get acne when their immune system is like supermans and they have no toxins to expell through there skin its impossible heck your hormones will be in perfect order and wont produce that shiny forehead thingy. Cmon i bet acne isnt even existant in many third world countries nor before ww2 because of our diet nowadays. Hey we eat so much crap then say its not our diet that causes acne well think about many people eat well because there parents make em and many people dont eat as much snacks i bet more than half of acne sufferers eat lots and lots of Candy carbonated drink and FRIED FOOD. OK geese i can go on forever sorry but all my info is correct i did lots and lots of research asking medical oppions of docs infact i wana be one when i grow up you'll all see. Ill prolly be one of the leading medical docs in skin care thats my goal at least. But i had acne and now with the help of vit e no one could ever tell. and its a long term cure too not like many stuff thats only short term. My acne has been cured for about 9 months now and i know a lot whos has never come back and thats years im talking about years. ANy way i was just reading these boards and i got fed up with people saying there was no cure there is one be persistent and never give up. Btw im not gonna reply as i dont want to spark a big argument saying im wrong. I dont feel like doing that and this is prolly the last time i check out this board. Cause i have other things to do but i wanted to help at least in some small way. so basically the cure is this PURIFY BLOOD AND LYMPH FLUID and BRING HORMONES BACK INTO BALANCE. and beleive me its tough doing it but if you can handle a new way of eating (chewing more thoroghly) and stop gourging on junk food then do some research and find out what im talking about. o yah one more thing there are side effects to this... Ok here ill list a few. Lean muslce build, weight loss, stronger immune system, Clearer thinking, Improved flexibility, longer life span, blah blah blah

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