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SUre!.....alot of people with acne would be really good looking!///...i use to treat people differently when i saw that they had acne....i used to think " ohh that guy must be dirty"....until i got acne 2 years ago....and now i know how it feels.....People with clear skin look at people with acne and think "ew"...but people with acne who see other people with acne think nothing of it....thats always how its if you guys r looking for gurlfriends or boyfriends....look for one that knows the experience of acne....because they will understand that its not your fault and its not from eating too much chocolate bars or from not taking showers because that is certainly NOT the case!
I think the majority of people that come to these boards are good looking people because why would we be on here unless we thought that we had potential if we didn't have acne? If we thought/knew we were ugly, then why would we spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on products? Anyone who would devote the time of day to visit this boards regularly in the quest to cure themselves of this disease is probably doing it for a reason.

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