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I have tried home microdermabrasian and I've also had it done in the plastic surgeon's office.

The first thing you need to know is that deep, pitted scars will not be helped by microdermabrasian.

Secondly, if you have other shallow scarring, and red spots, etc....then you probably would want to go to a plastic surgeon's or dermatologists' office to get microderm done, if you want to smooth out and polish your skin.

But this is my opinion, and something I have found out when I started treating my need to go to a doctor who SPECIALIZES in acne scarring. Don't go to a regular ole' plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Go to someone who knows how to do excision (which is what you probably should get done on your pitted scars) and subcision, and everything in between. Otherwise, you'll end up getting talked into CO2 and that does little to nothing to help pits, and you will have spent $5,000 to get your whole face done. You may get 15-20% helped by it, but it will by NO MEANS help deeper, pitted scars.

I've seen comments by no less than 25 people over the past year who have had CO2 and said that it did little to nothing for pitted scars.

Shallow scars it can help, and maybe certain medium depth ones, but not deep pitted scars.

So.....remember....find a doc or plastic surgeon that SPECIALIZES in acne scars. That's your best bet. You may have to travel to do that.

I'm 2 hours from one of the best in the country, and I feel very blessed.

I have had 7 microderms done in a plastic surgeon's office, and was happy with them, for the most part. However, it doesn't get rid of pits at all.

Home microderm seemed to break me out really bad. But it may not break you out at all. Some people do really good with it.

Hope this helps and God bless.

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