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Dear friends,

I have posted my story before but I just wanted to post it again because I am reading more and more about people being frustrated with their acne. My story may make you feel better. If anyone should be frustrated, it should be me. Please listen to my story.

In my high school years, I had mild acne, but since I wanted to clear it up for good, I used Retin-A. just a few weeks on Retin-A and my face COMPLETELY broke out! I had totally become a zit-face, my worst nightmare. I had big ones all over and I looked hideous. My classmates all made fun of me non-stop and one of them called me "pimple-boy". This was all because of Retin-A. Otherwise, I would never have had bad acne. So I continued using it for SIX MONTHS. And, still it did not clear up. So I stopped using it and used over the counter products for the next 6 years of my life. It never really did recover to where it was before I took Retin A. But it was under control.

So then, just recently, I decided, I should go see a dermatologist because I just wanted to clear my skin up for good even though it was under control. She stated, "It's really not so bad." I knew that. So she prescribed me Azelex, Cleocin, and Mino. I thought this would clear me up for good. To my surprise, within DAYS after I used these products, my skin COMPLETELY broke out like crazy!!! Mind you, the dermatologist had reassured me that this medication is not supposed to give you an initial breakout period. I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT MY WORST NIGHTMARE WAS COMING ALIVE AGAIN. And to think all this time, I was laughing at what I had to go through in high school.

So I went back to her in a week and it was obvious this doctor did not give a damn about me because I came in and she told me that it was getting better!!! WHAT???!!! Obviously, she did not remember how it was before but she just said it was getting better for a reason I do not know why. And the worst part of it all was when she asked me "Are you under any stress???" SHE WAS TRYING TO BLAME IT ON STRESS!!!

So she said I just had a rash and she told me to stop using the azelex and use cortizone cream to calm it down. I truly had faith in her. So it did calm down, but the huge breakout was still there.

For the next month, I continued the mino and the cleocin, but my skin was breaking out like crazy again!!! In place I've never broken out before. So I called her again and again she said, "It's because you're under a lot of stress. The medication is not supposed to make you break out." I couldn't BELIEVE her comments!!! Mind you, I had NO extraodinary stress.

The worst part of the story was that I told her, "You know, even when I was under a lot of stress, I never EVER broke out like this." Her reply just got me so mad when she told me, "When you came in, it was already getting bad." I'm like WHAT???? I had just a minor case when I first came in and you even told me yourself that I was not bad at all and NOW YOU'RE CHANGING YOUR STORY AROUND SO THAT YOU DON'T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE MEDICATION YOU GAVE ME!!!!

I was stunned. I just could not believe that she would not take ANY responsibility for the reaction that the medication had given me. Not only that, she didn't give a damn about me and didn't remember that I had MINOR acne when I came in for the first time.

Just imagine the hopeless feeling that I had when I had my worst nightmare came true and a doctor had given it to me and she refused to take responsibility for it. I tell you, it is the most horrible feeling in the world. IT'S 100 TIMES WORSE THAN JUST HAVING ACNE. And she would not do much to help me through it, not even given me peace of mind that it will go away.

I put my faith in this Doctor and all she has done is destroyed my life for the past 2 months of my life and god knows how much longer. And I know she doesn't give a damn about it. This was the second time it had happened to me in my life.

So the two times I have gone for help to clear up my MINOR acne for good, I come back out as a HUGE zitface. Imagine how frustrating that is.

So for all you people who are frustrated that the mediciation prescribed for you is not making any improvements, consider yourself lucky that it didn't make you any worse like it traumatically did for me twice. TWICE - both times when i was JUST about to clear up my skin.

I have lost so much faith in dermatologists and how they conduct their practices that I don't know where to turn to now.

I'm just using differin now and it is improving slowly. And I'm going to gut it out.

If you're thinking of giving up, just think about me. If anyone has an excuse to give up, it should be me. But I'm going to gut this one out and YOU BETTER TOO.


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