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This worked for me, I hope it works for all you people out there.

I am now left with only 3 pimples so I think I am doing pretty good for myself. The only reason this pimples are here, CAUSE I TRIED TO POP THEM. I would be totally clear without this. So remember, dont pop!

And now to my strategy:

Take half of your weight. This number resembles the amount of water in ounces you should drink that day.

As soon as you wake up, wash your skin with a soap bar any kind to clean the pore, then apply your normal treatment.

Around 4 hours after being awake, see if you can go swimming if possible as this helps the skin, if you can't go swimming, fill your tub with cold water, lay face down and keep going in the water with your face, coming up to breathe now and then.

2 hours before going to bed, apply the egg yolk and egg white mixed together to your face to tighten the pores and freshen the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

Before going to bed, your going to need to wash your skin with a soap bar again. Rotating over a three day cycle, apply benzoyl peroxide one night, then salicyic another, and then a toner the third night. Repeat this process for 2 weeks.

By the end of the third week you should be clear until you popped or squeezed any pimples!

For those who must pop, use a rag which was dipped in hydrogen peroxide and lightly squeeze, if you must apply extreme pressure, STOP!!! YOU WILL GET AN ACNE SCAR! Ice it down for about 30 minutes before going to bed, you should wake up the next morning with the pimple having a white or yellow tip, meaning it's ready for popping.

After popping a pimple, wash the area where the pimple was. I suggest the egg yolk mask to close the pore back up and keep it from getting infected

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