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Originally posted by cubmarks:
I use a Blended Xtra Str. Shampoo with Regular Str..1/2 and 1/2 mixed by,s Orange colored. MSSR 4% 2x/day. Biological redefinition clay mask 3x week. Ice. MZ 10% at night. Gelloid if needed. SPF25 daily. Hmmm...i think that is about it. I've been on it about a year....and I have the oily bouts too.....I am really oily one day and dryer the next..or normal. that is why I have blended washes.....I used the Blended(orange) in morning, and regular at night. Acne is much much better, although I still have breakouts. The oily skin is a problem though.

Hmmm, might be the gelloid but then again you say you only use it once in awhile. Do you use it as a pre-wash mask or just a regular moisturizer? I had problems with did help with dryness somewhat but left me very greasy on top. Also could be the 4% MSSR. I know lots of ladies (and men!) who use this and say it makes them feel more oily. It controls oilies, but when it "sucks" it all out of your skin, it leaves the oil on top so you look more oily than normal. It's nice that it gets the oil out of your pores, but I hate the icky mess it leaves. My oilies started when I added 2% MSSR into my routine last week...then I switched to Zit Zapper and it's a little worse. But I only use these products at night so I don't know how it could be making me oily during the day. It may just be the season's gone from downright chilly to very mild lately.

If you're not dry, try cutting back on Gelloid. SPF should give you all the moisture you need it you're oily. If that doesn't help, maybe cut back to 4% MSSR once a day...better yet, post your question on the Sage forum and see what they say =) Good luck!

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