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Hey Strung out RG270!

I know this it totally off-topic, but I couldn't help noticing you're an Ibanez endorser So am I! I'm 17, I live in California, and I've been playing guitar for about 8 years now. I have ALWAYS stuck to Ibanez, and right now I own a custom RG470L (I'm left handed), and also an RG220BK (that's right handed, I can play that too, but I prefer playing lefty). What kind of music do you play? Because of my brother, I'm mostly into a lot of 80's prog. rock, like Queensryche, or Dream Theater, or something. But I listen to pretty much anything and everything.

Anyway, back on track. You know, don't be surprised these girls act like they do, because a lot of them, even where I go, though. But you know, the only thing that matters is that you're comfortable with your own skin. If you overhear someone go, "he's got such a great body, but facial acne sucks", scream out loud, "you've got a great body, and your face PERIOD sucks!!" or something, you know. Yes, it's not good to stoop down to their low level, but hey, they'll realise, "you know, he doesn't care about his acne, neither should we..." or at least they SHOULD realize that. And it never hurt to dab on a little concealer. I've been doing that for a year now. I dab it on some pimples, and I'll leave 2 uncovered, for example. That way, the concealer doesn't become obvious. If someone suspects you wearing makeup, all their doubts will be removed since they can see the two pimples that are there

Good luck, good man!


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