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- yeah sure... you can use a toothbrush.. but most of the time, you'll bleed and you don't want that right? just use a facial brush(i think the one you use to apply make up works)...
I've said it before, brushing works wonders and I wish I had pictures to show you people. There may be a few underlying factors in my case though...

I had about 4, 3/4 of a penny size scars on my forehead -- one was pitted and recent. They had been fading consistently for about 9 months, but the process was extremely slow even with me putting Vitamin E gel on each before I went to bed at night.

Simply put, I grabbed an old toothbrush, cleaned it thoroughly, put Vitamin E gel on it maybe once every two weeks for a month and a half, and walla, my scars are pretty much gone after 3 or 4 sessions. A great key is to mix some sort of healer into the action, because you have to figure, you're doing two great things at once while brushing (increasing collagen production while ridding the exterior of few slow-progressing skin cell) and using Vitamin E (which essentially is just being brushed into the skin to help promote collagen production even more).

A few tips:

1.) Use a brush that's soft. A common misconception made is that you need to brush the skin away but you're just trying to create a reaction. (a tooth brush is just fine, albeit the brissles should be quite worn down)

2.) Use a healing ointment applied to the brush. For one, it will make the process feel lighter. Also, the healing ointment will get pushed through to the skin.

3.) Leading to this one... if you're going to brush, make sure the area you're targeting is acne free. You will end up breaking, spreading, disturbing, etc,. existing acne.

4.) Don't brush the skin away. You should never see blood, and also, no new scab should form. The purpose of the event is to stimulate slow moving skin cells, while taking off a very thin layer possibly. You want to brush until red, but when you think you're going to break the skin, usually you're right -- so stop when you think you're getting "too close for comfort" because it will hurt.

5.) If you've done it long and gentle enough, the next day, the scar should still have some of the redness in it from the brushing -- you won't notice the brushing results until about 5-7 days after the acual brushing. The next day you might think you made a mistake, because your skin is somewhat redder than before brushing even, but that means you did a good job -- given that a new scab is NOT forming.

From those 3-4 sessions I had, I would suggest a 20-25% improvement in redness and overall scar noticeability. I've meant to do one last brush on each, but I've become so lazy... and quite frankly, my scars are not noticeable by the avg. human eye anymore.

Good luck people, it takes a combination of patience, good results, and persistence -- but I guarantee you will see good improvement.

Hope this helps.

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