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Thanks so much for replying! Well, right now, my acne is very much in control. I'm thinking because of the Yasmin, but not sure. Whatever the reason, I'm thankful! The reason why I'm on Wellbutrin is this...I have severe night sweats and have for over 4 years now. I have been tested for EVERYTHING, and it seems that I'm perfectly healthy. The night sweats have become so unbearable that I got really depressed about it. I lose a ton of sleep and am really irritable most of the time. My OB/GYN had me on Sarafem (same thing as Prozac), for PMS and hopefully to help with the night sweats...but it didn't help the night sweats. My regular doctor put me took me off Sarafem, and put me on the Wellbutrin to help me "deal with the sweats", which has helped a little. Right now, I'm reading a book about premenopause that seems to be right on target about my sweats and other stuff I'm going through, but I'm only about a third of the way into the book. Long story, huh? I guess you could say, I'm really a mess. Oh, and get this. My GYN put me on Yasmin to help with my PMS symptoms. I didn't know that it would help clear my skin! It was on this board that I found that out! Even my GYN didn't know! That was the first time I had ever seen any of these boards, and it has been a lifesaver! I had to tell my GYN what I had read from postings on here about how Yasmin clears your skin, but makes it WORSE before it gets better. Anyway, that's my story. (Sorry for the long posting. I'm a talker! ) Thanks again!

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