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Okay.. I have closed comedones I see alot of people on the board have the same problem so can someone help clear this up for me?? Benzoyl peroxide helps to kill the bacteria right? and Retin-A helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and debris right? okay now can u use the 2 things together? not at the same time but maybe 1 in the a.m. & one in the p.m.? I read alot of acne websites about whitheads/closed comedones that say it is the bacteria,and to use bp.. then they say retin-a products help to rid skin of dead cells. please help I am totally confused. I hate having these clogged pores.. I have tried masks, exfoliaters, u name it i have probably tried it. like many others whose posts I read have good skin just these tiny whiteheads are the problem. thanks for all replies ! d-man

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