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This is what I do.. does everyone here think it will help?

Am: Wake up (sometimes drink a glass of lemon water.. when we have lemons)
- take 1 g vit C
- Take 1 g b-5
- Wash face with cleanser and cold water

Throughout the day:
- I drink at least a gallon of water everyday (sometimes closer to 2)
- I take 3-4 g of b-5 throughout the day
-rinse face with clean hands and cold water

PM: (some days i take 500 mg of Niacin)
- take 1 g b-5
-wash face with cleanser
- apply egg yolk mask

I used to use BP products on my face, but recently i have been putting on the egg mask and I love it.. Last night i got too lazy to put on the egg mask, so i put some BP on my face, what a difference the yolk makes.. I had new pimples and somewhat redder tint the morning after i used the BP.. so I think ill keep going with the egg yolk mask

I also feel like the niacin helps, as it flushes toxins from your body.. and I hear toxins can be a cause of acne. So with all the water and the niacin, I feel like i'm clearing toxins from my body..

I didn't realize how much b-5 was helping until yesterday/today.. i forgot to take it both days, and my face became more oily and my face seemed aggravated (maybe my face was mad that it didnt get its b-5 =P)

right b-5.. vit c.. and sometimes niacin.. are the only supps im taking..

Any comments on this?
I have just started a regiment very similar to you but I do use a B-complex vitamin too. I understand that it can be bad for you not to keep some sort of balance of all B vitamins. I have not tried the egg mask yet. that kind of grosses me out but if it works I'll bite the bullet.I use proactiv but am considering giving up it is so expensve and I only get moderate results. Chris M.

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