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Hey hey everyone!! I was just u recommend using the mask for 15 mins or at night??also... Erin confused me do i use the egg yolk(yellow) or the egg whites(clear) and erin if you read this which one did you use?? The yolk or the whites??i really want to use this tonight so help me out..hehe thank you all so much!!
I am so so so sorry for confusing you! I use it for 15 minutes and I use the yolk, but people are saying that either work just fine. hope this helps a little.

*erin*....thanx you are truly the best!!
I cant wait to start the mask tonight......yipeeeeee!!
i just break the egg in an bowl,stir a little and put it on my face. is this the way? i have only did it for two nights now but i kinda like it cause it makes me feel as if i'm doing something good for myself,so i hope it works
guys, how to make this mask???
where i can find the description?
i heard about egg whites...but not yolks
1. Buy 1 egg. Though eggs are often sold in 'multipacks' of six or more.
2. Take 1 egg.
3. Crack egg.
4. Remove yolk from white.
5. Rub yolk on face.
6. Leave on face for however long you want.
7. Wash it off.
8. Repeat whenever.
Erin is your skin clear now?
I have a question too. I have used the egg white and really like that. Then I tried the egg yolk and got a little pimple, so I stopped that because I am clear of any current acne and have not gotten any new ones in a month. I've also read that the egg whites do more for scars and help to even out the tone of your skin. That is what I am mostly concerned about, so I use the egg whites. Erin, does this make sense to you???

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