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I am a 28 year old male, only started to get acne about 1.5 years ago when I switched to a healthier diet to lose weight (isn't that ironic). I was only drinking water (1/2 gallon or more a day), and was eating more healthy, and lost about 40 pounds and got down to a great 8% bodyfat level! I was more fit then EVER in my life, but now I was getting acne.

I tried a lot of the stuff I read...zinc intake, eggyolk mask, tons of BP all over my face, etc. Nothing worked. Finally I decided that I saw a lot of success stories with B5, so I had nothing to lose.

I had a very similar experience when I started B5 back in August. I started at only 1-2 grams a day, but after reading about someone's experience where they wasted a whole month on the low dosage before realizing they were better off at the high, I jumped right up to 10grams/day after the first week.

And this is when I got the "initial breakout". Before taking B5, I would get only a few pimples, but they were large, painful, and usually deep under the skin. The initial breakout with B5 was tons of smaller whiteheads, and a lot of them in areas I never broke out before (like my lower neck area, below where I shave to)!

I got very bummed, but I stuck with it. I read more accounts of initial breakouts, so I figured this was what I was going through.

Today was my 35th day (5 weeks) of 10grams of B5. I still have a LONG way to go before I can come to a conclusion as to whether it really works (I know it's VERY hard to be patient, especially on BAD breakout days). I have my good days (like today), and my bad days (Monday was bad).

My forehead, nose, temples, and chin area have been basically clear for the last few weeks (and they used to be my trouble areas). Now my trouble area are my cheeks, jawline, and neck. It's like my acne moved, and it changed to lots of whiteheads. Luckily most heal up very quickly (2-3 days), whereas the pimples I got before were around for atleast a week or two, and usually left marks.

I have learned to NEVER squeeze, and I am hoping that the whiteheads are a sign that B5 is pushing the 'gunk' out of my system. I hate whiteheads, I think they look very unprofessional in my work environment.

But, some days lately I have felt VERY confident and clear, and I am hoping that things get better and better over the next few weeks. I know lots of people took 2 months before they really saw clearing, so I have a few more weeks to get there.

Oh, another thing...I used to have LOTS of blackheads on my nose area. I remember using a Biore strip in beginning of August, and the amount of gunk I pulled out was sickening! But, now I have absolutely NO blackheads sticking out on the crease of my nose! I ALWAYS had these, and now I have none. Is it the B5? I can only assume.

I also take a multivitamin and some flaxseed oil throughout the day. I only wash with Purpose soap, since my experimenting with other harsh soaps over the last year have only made my adult skin dry, irritated, and more acne prone.

Good luck, and keep us updated. I know I pray everyday that the B5 is gonna make me clear up. I will post over the next few weeks with updates.


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