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Hi guys, I haven't posted here in a while but I thought I'd ask some questions:

This past June, I just finished my Accutane experience that lasted almost 7 months, (started November 2001.) Well those brutal 7 months now seem like wasted time because my acne is coming back, this time with cysts (which I never had before). While I was on accutane it cleared up my face a bit, but for some reason it didn't work to it's full potential. I was on 40mg. Once I finished accutane, my derm said I should use Vitamin A acid (the cream) for a few months and my face should be clear. Well I've been using it for almost 2 months and it hasn't done jack, (except dry my face up).

Now what I'm wondering is: Should I stick with vitamin A acid for a bit longer to see if it pulls through with results? *or* Should I go all the way back to my derm and wait a few months for another appointment and ask him if I could go on another accutane course? (this time maybe 60mg to see if it works better.)

Another thing: Has anyone here ever used Vitamin A acid, and seen results? Should I stick with it or chuck it out my window?

Dammn my derm is clueless... I really think he should have put me on 60 mg of accutane. I might have seen some results if he did that...

Oh well, life goes on...

Thanks in advance.

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