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hi all, u know i only got acne when i was 20 so now it about 2 years being after this scary disease, before that i always wonder why people would bother about acne, u know i was i was one of those people with very beautiful skin then, until 2 years ago, 1 pimple start on my cheek, it doesn't bother me until it gets more and more serious, then i started using more and more expensive cleanser that promise more and more thing but it never work each time i always have this much faith on a new product, but each time it failed, it was hard convincing one self already but when people start asking about how my face get into like that well i have to convince them that it can only better, of course it is painful to do so. so cyst after cyst it started coming up, i thought the cleanser to do the job but things just get worst until when u look in the mirror, you see one lump of red on your side cheek, things take a uturn when i just come across a website with just want to share on how to manage acne, i started on antibiotics, vitamins, change of cleanser, change in diet and some herbal medicine, it wasn't easy because i wasn't the kind of people who could eat veggie then now i have to eat veggie as though i really love it and to drink water as though my life depends on it. then everyday it's like looking to the mirror is a routine but it agony because when you look at it everyday how can you spot the change, but still i do it faithfully, it has been a year of faithfully following my regime, the cyst are gone, the redness are getting lighter by the day but i know like everyone of use, looking into the mirror is a traumatic experience, you know then your face looks differently on different lighting, on some your face looks great because the red marks didn't show up and on some it really highlight your marks then i started to think what people will see when they looked into my face, but then on some day i decided not to look into the mirror because when you don't do so, everyone are equal, you don't notice the inperfect skin so you don't feel too much pain. i wish everyone could recover from this terrible disease that may have crippled some people confidence, for me i was lucky because after 1 year of hell i know those otc cleanser are going to help, u know when i think back it made me really angry because everyone got ugly acne developing because we were fooled by those otc cleanser until it's too late, but still there is much hope, i wished everyone the best of luck

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