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Let's not forget that having certain hormonal disorders, diseases, and other endocrinological problems can be worsened by diet. Thus, if you eat certain foods that create/aggrevate your hormonal disorder, etc, then it will also aggrevate/cause your acne breakouts.

This of course would hold more true for people who have been dealing with acne for several years, like myself. I've had some form of acne for nearly 16 years (since I was 6) and finally I have an idea as to WHY I do (check your family history). After my 3rd attempt at visting an endocrinologist through the years, one finally diagnosed me with either PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome--males can get this too) or IR (Insulin Resistance) last summer.

Apparently, my body produces insulin but doesn't realize that it does and is unable to utilize it and so it continues producing more if it. So when I eat bad carbs, processed foods, etc (check out low carbing or non-lectin foods) they increase my insulin which in turn causes a spike of testosterone and androgen hormones. Therefore by taking Diabetes II medication...Avandia (currently taking that), Metaformin (made me sick after a few months), etc enables my body to acknowledge that it is producing insulin and the rest should fall in place. I also take Spironolactone to help with the other side of that (mild hirusitsm, cystic acne, oil production, etc). However I've been taking spirinolactone for 4 years now. Of course there are natural supplements and herbs that act very much like the above drugs.

Unfortunately I posted 2 articles about this, but they got taken down (sorry). There isn't really anything I could say that would open some people's eyes to the possibilty that this or something similar could be what they have. There are a WIDE variety of symptoms and if you have more than one thing wrong with you, they MAY just TIE in to some sort of hormonal disorder.

Yet in the end, for most us, it all comes down to wether our bodies are able to properly digest and abosorb the food and nutrients we are giving it. Thus taking Enzymes and Probiotics may help some people. I'm currently testing the probiotic route myself, but i've only been on it almost 2 weeks (think it helped eliminate my horrible menstrual cramps, but Avandia really helped alot with that too---I'll know more next month).

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