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i agree 100% on how diet affects/contributes to acne, but i think alot of factors can help to teenagers and their skin. for one, i think the most important part is your own family hereditary. if your mom's side of the family had cases of acne, then chances are you will suffer just as well, unlike the other joe schmoe who only has a few breakouts here and there and only for their teeanage years. but for some of us who do have acne in our DNA, we are bound to have it anywhere from 14-15 till even our mid 20's, and maybe even into our adulthood. so... fmaily hereditary, in my opinion, is far more of a factor for having acne.

food... yes i think food can aggravate acne. i try to stay away from food high in fat, oil, dairy products, carbohydrates, and sugars (im pretty much a vegan, but i do eat chicken... plus i hate labels!). you kiddies, who also believe that diet has an effect on your acne, can substitute a few things here and there. heres my so-called list of do's and don'ts:

* have soymilk in your healthy (not sugar coated)cereal every morning instead of regular milk
* take vitamins like a multi one or even b5 every day
* bring a banana/applee with you to school instead of a candy bar/junk food
* drink lots of water instead of soft drinks!!! (and if your like me you can always get a glass of water and squeeze a lemon in it for the nights when you go out and eat and want to look fancy!).
* make your own decaf coffee w/ soymilk -or- my personal fav is TAZO chai tea (decaf) w/ soymilk as well
* instead of a fattning desert all you have to do is cut up some strawberries and mix them with some granola in a big bowl of soy yogurt (YUMMY!!!)
* if your like me and love cheese all u have to do is go to mothers market and buy some fake cheese and make your very own grilled cheese sandwiches (of course no butter... ewwwwwwww!)
* buy a couple packs of Health Valley breakfast bars for the days when you are too rushed to have a bowl of cereal or a slice of raisin bread
* when you go out to eat w/ friends only pick the healthier places instead of the gross FAST FOOD JOINTS!!! (mcdonalds??? ewwwwwwww gag me!)
* if you have to cook eggs or other foods that need something to keep from sticking to the sides of the pan, you can always use a very extra light olive oil (just a pinch!) instead of butter or margarine
* eat a vege/boca burger instead of that fattening hamburger than will also make your ars giggle for a week
* sugarless gum instead of gum w/ sugar (haha yes - normaly i won't eat gum that has sugar)

ok i know i forgot a few things here and there and i'll prolly be adding more and more ideas in a few. if you want some more receipts for great foods/dishes without fat or that wont aggravate your skin let me know. i think i might even be publishing a book, cus i know there are other kids/teenagers/people that are in the same boat as me.

oh, and you guys dont realize how much other small factors can contribute as well. what if your had midterms coming up and were stressing out for days before the tests? stress can aggravate acne too you know. what about sleep as well? usually people who tend to get only 4-5 hours of sleep cant function properly and tend to stress out about little things in life, rather than someone who get their 7-8 or even more hours of sleep each night. and what about weather patterns and the differences in climate? i can go on and on about all the other stuff but now i might now get my 7 or 8 hours, so i bid you adou.

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