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Originally posted by FelineSin1:
Do you use these products for red acne scars or just smoothing skin texture? I have red acne scars that I am desperate to be rid of.
Thank you

I use it for help clear my acne, fade red marks and smooth the texture of my skin. So far, it's working fabulously. I use only Sage products on my face. Shortly after I posted this, I stopped using Paula's Choice BHA and went back to the Sage BHA (the 2% MSSR that I didn't wow me when I first tried it) because I didn't feel like using two lines at the same time. It's much better this time around and I actually prefer it. I still do recommend PC though...her products are great, I just wanted to be faithful to one line for once. Here is what I use:

Corrective Grains - Reg. Strength
Facial Shampoo - Reg. Strength
SPF 25
20% Smoothing Cream

20% Smoothing Gel
10% Fix Zit thick all over

As I said in my previous post, many of these products are way too aggressive to begin with. If you're interested and are quite sure your skin can handle it, start off with the 12% smoothing cream (the lowest they offer) every other day and work your way up to the 20% cream and perhaps the 20% gel. I started off using these things in the lower strength and only using them once a day and after three weeks, my skin adjusted and I was able to move up in strength and after a month, I was able to use them twice a day. It's been about 5 weeks now and for the past two of those weeks, I've had nothing but great results and zero irritation...but I did experience quite a bit in the beginning. I don't even have to use my regular Sage moisturizer (Old Lady Cream) anymore like I did when I first started because all the products made me very dry initially - the smoothing cream and SPF gives me all the moisture I need now. My skin finally feels, looks and acts normal...not too oily, not too dry. Just right.

I'd say the combination of the 20% cream and 20% gel along with using my SPF every single day has made a pretty dramatic difference in the tone and texture of my skin. I still have red marks, but they have faded quite a bit and keep getting better and better every week. It's the only problem I really have right now...last month, I could run my hands over my skin and feel dozens of little hard bumps all over. Now, I can only feel maybe two or three and I only have one "active" pimple on the side of my nose that cropped up yesterday (when I got my period, so that's no big surprise.)

Best of luck!

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