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Oct 15, 2002
Hey Zittycow,

It is great to hear from you!!!

You said that you have a minor break out.

Are you doing anything different?

What do you use to treat your acne? Tea Tree Oil I've heard is good for killing acne bacteria.

You probably already know what I use: Proactiv. If you haven't tried proactiv you should. It sounds like you have mild to mildy moderate acne (like I had). I know you have heard from people that it did nothing, but some people said it worked for them and I am one of them.

It cost me $45.00 every 60 days. The proactiv itself is $39.95 plus shipping and handling.

I use it with my other skin care regimen.

Although I do it differently than what it says to do. Instead of using the cleanser for one minute, I put it on my face when I'm in the shower and leave it on while I shave my legs. In the evening I only do it for a minute.
Also, beings it has acne stuff in it I don't wash my eyes with it. So before I put the proactiv cleanser on, I wash my entire face with Original Formula Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar (it is excptionally clean rinsing and won't leave any pore-clogging residue, pure and gentle) and then do the proactiv cleanser thing.
Once a week I use Alpha Nutrient Cleanser (oil free deep cleansing wash with glycolic and mixed fruit acids).

I'm not trying to get you to buy the proactiv, but if you haven't tried it, maybe you should consider it.

Also, maybe look up Tea Tree Oil (if you haven't already), and put a few drops in your moisturizer. I thought about doing this for scars. I need to read more about it though, I don't remember if it helps scars or not but I think it does.

Good Luck to You

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