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Try other things discussed on the board like high B5 doses. I have been on Saw Palmetto as I had heard on another acne message board that someone cleared up very good on that because it blocks excess testosterone. I have tried it and been amazed at the success I've had with it.

Make sure nothing you're using on your skin is breaking you out. I found out the foundation I used, along with several cleansers and whatnot were breaking me out, along with other topicals I was using.

Elicina has some serious pore clogging ingredients, as does other stuff that supposidly fights acne. Elicina seriously breaks me out, but I'll use it on my stretchmarks.

My strongest advice is to stop listening to doctors and become your own best detective. My esthetician never told me that my foundation could be breaking me out. I read on a website about pore clogging ingredients, got my foundation out, and read the ingredients. BINGO. It had one of the WORST. Many "acne fighting" products have pore clogging ingredients.

So my advice.....go as natural as possible. Try some blood cleansing herbs like burdock root, dandelion root, etc.....You can find blood cleansing forumulas in any healthfood store or GNC.

Next, try B5.

Next, stay away from dairy and sugar and see how you do. You don't have to be radical, but try that.

Next, try Saw Palmetto herb and maybe some acidolpholus.

The total cost of all of these things shouldn't be too awfully bad.

You also oughta try to see a skin care specialist or do some peels on yourself.

You have to look at this from every angle.

Look at your topicals.

Look at your diet.

Look at possible vitamin deficiencies.

I thought about accutane about a year ago, but the possible side effects scared the pants off of me.

I'm so glad that I became my own best detective and figured out what worked for me.

Read this'll help.

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