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Hello everyone. I used to come to this board a long time ago when it was the oldschool buggy board, and also the board. Well, I just filled my Accutane prescription today. It cost $191.00 Canadian. My health plan has changed so I have to pay the first $800. Nice huh! This will be my second time on it. I have been off of Accutane for about 13 months and my acne has been slowly coming back although not really that bad, but enough to make me want to take Accutane again.

I'm on 40mgs one day alternating with 80mgs the next. So far I can already notice my face feels drier, and my forehead feels a bit itchy. Tomorrow I'm probably going to get some Aquaphor, a nice nightime moisturizer and luxury treatment conditioner.

I'll keep you all updated, probably weekly or whenever I notice anything interesting.

Last time I was on Accutane I made a website about medical studies that have been done on natural supplements which might help Accutane users. Anyways feel free to check it out at

If anyone wants to contact me feel free to do so at any point - I've already been through one course of Accutane.

Okay, well, I am on day 3 now. I just went snowboarding today. The day was pure sun and blue sky and glimmering knee deep powder. Incredible. Anyways, my face definately has a red tone to it that has lasted longer than it usually does after a day of snowboarding. It could be a sunburn or windburn or just the cold. I put on Marcelle Oil Free Lotion SPF 15 before I went out this morning (this is part of my daily routine). I can already tell that my face is more sensitive to the elements though.

My lips are looking a tiny bit drier than usual but not enough to require lip balm yet (thank god!). I had a bit of a headache the 2nd day but drank lots of water and took lots of vitamin C and E. My hair is a bit drier but it actually looks good because now my normally messy looking wavy hair is full of nice soft curls! I think I'm a bit more tired than normal too. But all in all things seem to be going well. I am also having a few pimples that are probably part of the initial breakout. It's nothing major though.
Hi mary.....I just started my yearly round of Accutane 12 days ago ( My doc puts me on it every year at this time for 30days to maintain the effects) However My skin has not really dried out much at all. It still looks the same as far as I can see. What gives?
Be careful going in the sun (especially up to the snow) while on Accutane. My brother got big blisters from the sun while snowboarding one year. first week of Accutane is now over. Here's an update. My face is already clearing. I love it. My face and hair are somewhat drier as well. My lips are getting a bit chapped so I'm using Vaseline lip stuff (I got it for free). I'm going to buy Aquaphor this week probably, because you really can't beat it. I find it's the only thing that works.

Right now I have 1 active zit, the rest are small healing zits that are almost gone. I definately went through a breakout period but it's almost over I hope.

My rib cage hurts a bit and so does my back but I'm just trying to take it easy for the time being and not strain myself. I don't take any medication for it.

My mind seems to be doing extra well because I've been going to Karate about 5 times a week and I just bought a new mountain bike which I'm dying to take out for a spin. I find that exercise is the key to happiness....I have never found a better antidepressant than this. Plus, I'm getting more toned which I love

Anyways adios

Okay, here's another update. I've been taking Accutane for about 2 weeks.

My lips are peeling like hell and my face is pretty dry. I get lots of flaky looking bits of skin on my face. I really need to buy a decent moisturizer.

I feel kind of irritable right now...I think the Accutane is having a bad effect on my mood. Oh well. At least I know it's most likely the Accutane because I don't really have any other reason to be irritable. Actually I guess I've been a little sleep deprived and also not eating well, which is more likely to put me in a bad mood!

Every time I go skiing now my face turns bright red..

My eyes are a tad reddish and I got a nosebleed this morning. Yuck. A small amount of hair is coming out of my head, but nothing major. Doesn't bother me a bit. All the aches and pains that were bothering me are gone except a tiny bit in the rib cage.

As for the acne, I have one zit above my lip, a couple on my chin and the rest of my face is clear. YAY! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This is my second course so hopefully the acne will be cured faster.


Week 3 update:

Products currently in use:
-Ombrelle Extreme SPF 30 Sunblock (very good as a moisturizer)
-Vaseline lip balm (can't find Aquaphor around here anymore)
-Almay Kinetin Nighttime treatment: a moisturizing cream that supposedly does the same thing as Retinol and Alpha-Hydroxy acids but isn't irritating. I find it a bit irritating though. I use it at night before bed.
-warm water to wash my face

Okay, I've taken 3 weeks of Accutane now. My face is looking really good. My skin tone is a lot more even and basically finished breaking out. My skin just looks nice and healthy with a rosy glow along the cheekbones that I don't normally have! I do have one zit on my temple. For me, my face has cleared much faster my second time around.

For side effects, I have very dry chapped lips, frequent nosebleeds and a bit of itchy skin on the backs of my hands and forearms. I'm also noticing that I'm blushing very easily again, which happened last time I took Accutane as well. I just took my last pill in my first month's prescription of Accutane. Man, time really seems to be going slowly!!!!

Anyways...for side effects right now I have:
-dry lips

My lips have been a lot better since I bought Labello medicated lip balm (white container). It's very convienient and it works really nicely. I always hated using those little pots of stuff that you have to stick your finger in and put a fingerful of grease on...with the Labello I just put it on with the stick and it goes on soooooo nicely...I love it.

I have been very very careful with my nose. I put a bit of vaseline in the nostrils before bed and am careful not to rub it too much. The nosebleeds have subsided quite a bit.

My face is completely clear now. I still have a few red spots though.

So for products right now I am using:

Labello - for lips
Ombrelle SPF 30 sunblock every morning
Warm water to rinse my face before bed
Oil of Olay moisturizing body wash

I am also trying out that new moisturizing cream by Jergens : the Shave Minimizing Lotion, which supposedly keeps your shaved legs smoother longer.
Well, I've been on Accutane for 6 weeks now. Everything seems to be going well. I've come to the conclusion that Labello is a really great lip moisturizer. I LOVE this stuff! It smells nice and works wonderfully.

In terms of my acne, my skin seems to be doing pretty well although out of the blue I happened to get 3 pimples even though I haven't had any for almost 2 weeks! Oh well..they are only small and are almost gone anyways. My nose doesn't bleed anymore because when I feel that it is getting dry I put some vaseline in it.

I need to buy an exfoliator because my skin gets a bit flakey during the day. I find a good quick fix is to put a tiny bit of Labello on the flakey part and scrape gently with my finger nails to get rid of the skin. It works well because there is a tiny bit of the moisturizer left on my skin after I scrape off the dead skin and it doesn't get flakey for the rest of the day.

Well, adios

Hello's been a long time since I've written. Everyone who is thinking about taking Accutane but doesn't want to because they keep hearing bad things about it should remember this: I haven't been coming to the board at all in the past while because I just don't think about my skin. It looks DAMN GOOD, and I just don't think about having acne anymore. I've been on Accutane for about 3 months and my skin is perfect. I got a compliment on it the other day - my friend said my skin looks nice and soft. So, for the majority of people who take Accutane they are away from the message board and out enjoying life as thoughts of acne don't enter their minds all that much...

Anyways, I am using Labello lip balm for my lips, Ombrelle SPF30 sunscreen every day, an AHA moisturizer for my face at night, and Cetaphil facial wash before bed. Other than that, my skin looks nice and smooth and I don't have any zits. It's very relaxing to not worry about when people are looking at my face...instead of people looking at my zits I think people are looking at my FACE
listen... i'm tired of repeating myself every couple weeks when this topic comes out. Accutane clears almost everyone 100%. That's a given. The problem is, after you've gone off your course for 6-12 months, many people's acne comes back. I've been on two courses and both times my acne has come back 6-9 months later. These people that are replying saying it's the greatest thing in the world... just look at their situation. They are either on Accutane right now or were recently on it. Thus they are unqualified to offer a real opinion on Accutane. If you got the opinions of people who have been off Accutane for a while like me, you would find a lot less positive comments about it. Accutane can have terrible side effects, especially when you go on your second or more course.
how long do you have to wait until it is "allowed" to begin a second course?
Well, perhaps acne does come back somewhat, but in almost all cases it doesn't come back NEARLY as badly. I am on a second course, after all. The acne that came back wasn't anything like what it had been like before. My dermatologist said that up to 30% of people will have to do a second course, and 10% will do 3 courses before it completely rids them of their acne. I believe it's worth it...the money and the side effects. The side effects are nothing...I would rather have some chapped lips for a few months than be depressed and hide out all the time being self conscious 24-7 with acne. Plus, I hated taking antibiotics which were a waste of money in my opinion. I just decided I was sick of wasting my time on something that obviously wasn't a cure, just suppressing it. Accutane is as close to a cure as we have! It's a great drug as far as I'm concerned! My skin is CLEAR and smooth and I just feel so carefree, not thinking about my skin.
I have always thinked of accutane as the last resource. For people with severe acne this is definetly the solution. I dont think Mary you should be blind for side effects. Accutane is a megadose of vitamin A which is proven to be toxic to the liver and can have serious devastating side effects. You should be grateful to God that you have tolerated it well but look at this guy that posted that had permanent vision damage. I read it and it freaked me out. Certainly the emotional side of acne is devastating but see how bad can side effects can be.
Good luck with your second 'tane course.

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