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I am in med school myself, so although this is not an expert opinion, I do know a bit about it. It is totally false that only females go to endos. There are so many diseases that directly or indirectly involve the endocrine system in both males and females, many of which manifest in external symptoms such as acne, excess facial/body hair, hair loss, weight gain, etc. Once a diagnosis has been made, there is help for both sexes. As PCOS, that is quite a common disease in women. It is also quite often a misdiagnosis, because many endos are so familiar with it and its symptoms. There are also diseases such as Cushing's Syndrome which can be caused by benign brain tumors, etc. That have VERY similar symptoms to PCOS. Cushings is considered rare because it is usually left undiagnosed, due to doctors not being familiar with it and neglecting to run the proper tests. Instead, patients are told they have a disease such as PCOS. So becoming your own doctor, researching the diseases, and exploring your symptoms is the best thing one can do. If you think you may have a hormonal imbalance, do go to an endocrinologist, not a derm. Doctors today are far far too specialized. They treat symptoms, not the disease, and often fail to realize how these symptoms are related. HOpe this helps a bit.
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mild non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia is yet another endocrine disease associated with early on-set acne, hirsutism, irregular periods, infertility, etc. You are right about the statistics as well. As you can see, the same symptoms present for many different diseases, so the task of narrowing down the original cause becomes extremely challenging. That is why anyone who feels that their acne (or whatever health problem it may be) is not simply related to puberty/diet/PMS etc. due to the fact that it is persistant/unresponsive to treatment/ or accompanied by other symptoms should see an endocrinologist. I also am a big fan of chinese and homeopathic practitioners because they generally do not treat symptoms, but look for the underlying source of the problem. Western medicine often fails in this aspect, especially concerning things like absent periods and acne etc. I also find that most dermatologists treat symptoms as though they are separate from each other. This may sometimes help lesson the problem, but it is pointless if it does not address the underlying cause.

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