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I'd just like to respond to Gummigirl because I understand completely what you're saying but I'd like to relate my experience and you can judge me and see if I'm a whiner like you so interestingly called this guy. I had severe cystic acne on my face, neck, chest and back from the time I was 12. I was already abnormaly tall, was 6'0" at the time(topped at 6'5" thank God), have been shy since I can remember, and to top it off we had moved to another state recently. 12 years old is when you begin being involved with girls and for someone like me to have severe acne compounds insecurity. I have always had friends with clear skin, in fact I've never known anyone with acne. I never talked about(or even whined about)ANY problems I had. I thought "It's not a big deal, at least I have my arms and legs", but there comes a point in time when life doesn't mean a damn when you're a "pizzaface" or some other filthy creature who obviously has never bathed in it's life. I had to wear an undershirt to soak up the blood when I was on accutane at 15; a scab burst as a freshman in HS when doing pushups in gym and I had to ask the teacher in front of 60 kids to go to the bathroom because there was blood pouring down my neck. I wasn't diagnosed with mono because they thought I just needed counseling(which I would never consider). Even at 20 when I have a wealth of friends, attend college and have a job I still hate myself and can not imagine a girl(even a 400 pound one, sorry for the insensetivity) being mildy interested in me, and I know that I really am good looking but the self loathing that I have had since I was a 12 year old kid is so burned into my mind that I'm afraid I may never have a relationship. I have missed out on SO much. Not from whining or not sucking it up, because I have never once complained, and still won't to this day, but because I had acne; as minor as that may be. So if you want to criticize someone for going through hell go right ahead, but think about what you're saying first.

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