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GummiGirl - i absolutely agree with you on living life to the fullest even though you have acne. But you have to underrstand that not everyone has mild acne or a few spots. I had horrible cystic acne for about 3 years until I finnally went to a dermatologist, and now things are getting under control. During the time I had really severe acne it was not possible to have any self esteem, or any self confidence; and that led to being anti-social, and missing out on "teen things" like dating etc. Looking back on it, I think my anti-social behavior actually aided me, by allowing me to concentrate on school work, read a lot, and just be happy with me. I think I am way better off than if I had nice skin, and went out every night and used school as a social gathering like so many people I know. Anyway, my acne is a LOT better, on lots of meds/vitamins/goign to start oldguys regimen, and I have decided to become more social, doing things I never would have done before, and just not giving a **** what other people think. But being able to really not care how people view you is a virtue that does not come easily, for me I endured a lot of pain, and ignorance to allow me this hard outer shell. Regaurding your reply on dating someone with acne, my values have completely changed, I dont give a **** what a person looks like, as long as they are intelligent, funny, kind, spontaneous, and just a good person Also, is it wrong to be vain??? Is it wrong to want to be beautiful? sexy? I don't think it is. Bottom line here, To thine own self be true

Good luck guys!
I know what you mean kashylah. I started getting acne when i was about 13 too. At first it was just on my forehead, so I would wear a hat, and no one knew anything about it. When I was 14 it started to go away, and I was basically clear, so I was pretty happy. By the time I was a junior in highschool (i guess the stress got to me) my face was probably at its worste. By the end of my senior year it was alright, I was clear more or less. But now im in college (19 years old) it has come back alot. I dunno why. I think maybe the stress from everyday life. Last summer I was totally clear, and since I was 18 last summer, I thought this was the end of my acne. But I came to Canada for an exchange for the year, and since november my face has gotten much worse. I dont know why. I havent changed my lifestyle, Ive been eating healthier than ever. the only thing that has changed is the cold weather here.. And the fact I only can exercise like once a week (the rest of the week its usually raining). Its just very frusterating. I didnt mind that much about it until pepole started saying things to me back a few months ago. When I was in California, at least I had a tan so unless you were right up in my face you couldnt notice it... I dunno, maybe one day ill finally be free from this!

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