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Hey all B5 users. I'm trying to get info on this supplement and I have read all the other posts but I still need some clarification on a few points.

I am a 21 year old male with mild acne on my face and moderate acne on my chest and back (scars though). I have been battling the acne for about 4 years and I'm completely frustrated - I hope B5 is the cure for me. I also plan on taking fish oil and starting at about 4 or 5 grams a day.

1.a) Can the initial breakout be avoided by starting with a small dose and building up? If not, how long until you get the initial breakout and how long does it last?

1.b) Since I only have mild acne on my face, will the initial breakout be more severe? (or will my initial breakout be most noticeable on my chest and back, where my acne is most severe right now?).

2. Exactly how does B5 help acne? What does it do inside your body? Does it work for chest and back acne?

3. Will taking B5 allow me to be a little more relaxed with my diet, or would I still have to avoid white bread, cheese, rice, etc.?

4. I love to work out, but I've heard the stress on your body causes breakouts. Has anyone successfully used B5 and been able to work out? I think that working out would help me to keep my weight up while on B5.

5. I am pretty sure that I have hormonal acne - nothing I've tried so far has helped. Does B5 work for hormonal acne?

6. What is the best way to take it - after meals or in the morning and night?

7. From experience, how long does it take to really see results?

I know that this is been a hugely discussed topic on this board over the last bit, but any responses would be much appreciated. Even if you could answer only one of the questions, it would help.

Thanks so much in advance.

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