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I have since gone off of the pill so why would my face get worse if I stop taking minocycline?

I'm sorry to say, but it could very well get worse. I don't like to scare people, but I've come to the same conclusion as some other board members have come up with, antibiotics are the worse things to take for acne.

Granted, they help in the short run. If you unfortunately have acne in your early twenties, chances are, you might get rid of the acne in a few years, in which case, taking antibiotics might be your best choice. However, it's hard to figure out whether or not the acne will go away.

When you look into the mechanics of how an antibiotic works on acne, you will see the fault in using antibiotics as an acne treatment.

Our bodies get rid of debris and unwanted gunk by...urinating and means of defecation. We also get rid of debris by pushing gunk (sebum) out of our pores. Our pores sometimes get clogged, when a pore is clogged, it builds more and more sebum within the pore, which eventually will lead to a bacteria build up and infection, which creates a pimple.

Antibiotics stop the pores from becoming infected. It does not stop the pore from filling itself with sebum. So when you stop taking the antibiotic, you have pores filled with sebum and nothing to stop the infections, bam, a face full of acne.

I used to have relatively small pimples, about one every week. I was on tetracycline for 3 years, then minocycline for a year. After my use of antibiotics, and my own misfortune of not knowing what I now know about acne, (popping pimples too early, etc, etc) I have caused such great mental and physical pain. If I had the choice, I would have never taken that first tetracycline pill!

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