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Jul 8, 2002
I am currently taking these medications for my very mild acne, infact I have only one pimple and it's a small whitehead. My problems is that I have red spots from my previous bouts with acne. Here is what I am currently taking to get rid of the spots. I was just wondering what are your comments on what I am currently taking, any risks and such? Any help would be greatly appreciated. When I get home, I will post some pics with my digital camera to explain my exact situation.

50% Glycolic Face Peel (once a week)
- I am unsure if this is working on not because my face does not peel when I leave it on for 7 minutes, I just get these light scabs on my cheeks that go away after a couple of days. Sometimes the skin underneath improves but I am not sure if it is supposed to be doing this or if I'm doing it incorrectly. It also leaves my skin very dry and I have to put lotion on when I wake up and when I goto sleep.

100% Tree Tea Oil (once every night)
-Makes my face sting but I see some improvement.

100% Eucalyptus Oil (once every night)
-Same as above

4-5 grams of Pantothenic Acid aka. B5 (daily)
-My face does not get oily anymore, often times I find it to be too dry so I put lotion on. I get less pimples and the ones that I do get are the type that take a very long time to heal but they're often times at the top of my head and are very hard to see unless you look up close.

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