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I'm currently 1 month in my second course of Accutane and am liking the early results already. My first blood test will be in a few days.I have been avoiding alcohol, except for a beer or two every now and then again to prevent the raise of triglerycides. But, because of this, i have been using marijuana more often (weekends only). So, I was wondering if anyone knows if marijuana and accutane is a bad thing. I know some people will say that marijuana is a bad thing on or off Accutane, but strictly speaking, Accutane and marijuana together.
I stumbled upon an article on the internet where someone asked the same question. A doctor replied that marijuana and accutane shouldn't be mixed. One because accutane is said to cause depression, and two because marijuana is a depressant drug. Putting two and two together would cause you to be...depressed. That's what the doctor said.

Now, I've been smoking marijuana habitually for the past, few years, everyday. I've been smoking marijuana while I've been on accutane. I really do not notice a difference in my demeanor. I have not noticed any increase of depression.

The fact that I know that accutane should work and my face will be clear is my driving force at using accutane, I have no regrets, I am not depressed because of it, nor does my marijuana habit effect me.


Experts say the darnest things don't they?
roaccutane doens't make you depressed its being surrounded by a load of drunks whenver i go out! damn it i used to be one of those drunks! cannabis is ok on roaccutane cos it doens't have any direct effect on your blood like aclohol does (e.g. raising your triglyceride levels)
Hey you can still be one of those drunk people. You can drink while on accutane. I do. I wouldnt do it everyday though, not because of health risks, but because of the hangovers from it. But I still get wasted every friday and saturday still. Youll most likely be hungover, pretty bad, but i find its still worth it. After working all week and hating work like most people and listening to **** all day at work i find it necessary to get wasted. Heres a few tip for the hangover part. At around noon on friday drink water like its going out of style right up till your about to get drunk. And then when your drinking, about every hour drink a full glass of water. Once your good and wasted and ready to go home drink seriously about 3 glasses of water before you go to bed. All this will make you feel better the next day. And the next day also drink tons of water if you wanna be ready for that night too. Oh and another thing I do now to is if im not gonna already, I puke too, that gets a lot of bull**** out of your system and then you can replenish it with lots of food and take your accutane with the food, then go to bed and your all set. It sounds like so much to go through just to drink, but its not really, its just that reading this lengthy thing makes sound like a lot of work. Basically all you do is drink tons of water. Drinking wont do much harm while on accutane, theres not even a warning on the stupid box, and also ive had like 3 friends who used accutane and drank while on it and there fine including me. And all my blood tests come up fine. Oh and if you care heres my info right now....Im 22, 175 pounds and i started accutane i think in october. I started at 80mg a day, then the following month I was at 120mg a day. In the third month I was on 160mg a day, and now almost at an end in the fourth month im taking 180mg a day which i know is a high *** dose but as long as my blood tests are good i could care less cuz most side effects are minimal for except for the usual chapped lips and dry skin. He shove as much as he wants down my throat for all i care cuz the more mg you take during your treatment the more likely youll have perfect skin for good. So im here to say drink up and happy accutaning to you. Your fellow alcoholic-Jay
I don't want to scare you away from using accutane and smoking pot. But, be cautious, what I say might not effect you, but then again what some others say about accutane not being a deppresant might not be true either. You never really know untill you try for yourself.

But, yes, in 'some cases' accutane has been shown to give a side effect of depression. Notice that quotation marks, it is said to cause depression in 'some.' There are a number of links you can find pertaining to accutane and suicide. Go to a search engine and type out 'suicide and accutane' they will give you about as much information you need to know about the depression side effect of accutane. Accutane even has it's own suicide help line. If that isn't enough of a no-brainer that goes to show accutane in 'some' cases causes depression...then I don't know what is.

Just becareful with accutane, even though some people say it's as safe as any other acne medication, there have been some rare occassions where accutane has ruined lives. Becareful and goodluck.

Here's a little excerpt from the accutane suicide helpline.

Accutane has been linked with more than 1,300 psychiatric side effects including severe depression and more than 66 cases of suicide.

The FDA now requires doctors to have patients sign a consent form that says they understand the risks associated with Accutane including depression and suicide. Pharmacists must also hand out a detailed warning brochure called a Medguide. Accutane is one of only 3 drugs that has ever required a Medguide.

For some it may be too late.

If you or a loved one has taken Accutane and have experienced side effects such as depression or suicide you should speak to a lawyer to protect your rights and pursue compensation. This site is for victims of Accutane side effects. Our lawyers will provide you with a free consultation. We provide referrals to attorneys nationwide. Please review the information on our site and contact us for immediate legal assistance.
im not worried about my blood levels or whatever with drinking on roaccutane more just worried it'll stop it working? will it?????? i cant drink whatever at the moment anyway cos im on so many different drugs i'd collapse after a pint! im on 20mg a day and your on like 7 times as much as me? what the f*ck!
No, alcohol use shouldn't affect the way accutane works in your body, just as long as the alcohol use is in moderation.

Choking_victim seems ok with drinking on the weekends, he seems chipper.

What type of meds are you on right now? Make sure you drink tons of water... 2-3 liters a day while you're on accutane.
Thanks for the comments. Personally, I'm not too worried about the depression thing. I think the acne itself is more depressing. Anyway, I'm more concerned about marijuana doing something to my blood, in which case I'd have to stop using Accutane. And drinking alcohol while on Accutane is perfectly fine from person to person. All it does is that alcohol 'can' raise ur triglyceride level. Accutane 'can' do the same. Again, it varies from person to person. So, It would be a judgement call whether or not to drink based on how ur triglyceride level is. If it's getting too high, I'd advise against drinking, but if it's still low, go crazy...if you want.

Accutane is harsh to your liver and so is alcohol, hence no mixing.
im on the roaccutane, oral antibiotic, topical anbtiotic, oral steroids and just had my first steroid injection today! my skin was a f*cking mess, and the derm told me its very rare for skin to go as bad or weird as mine did but thank god after a few months of hell its beginning to look fairly normal again without much scarring! theres some world leading specialist which shes gonna ask for me to see! wooo! im a freak

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