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To be very honest with you, ALS is supposedly safer than Sodium Laurel or Laureth Sulfates. Supposedly those ingredients not only give u clogged pores, but also are cancerous. Furthermore most cleansers, toothpastes, showergels, bath gels, shampoos, and even some lotions contain the SLS. Therefore, if it is cancerous, it's not the easiest thing to avoid (yet I do, except whenever I decide to purchase a drugstore brand toothpaste. Even some Natural Toothpaste contain SLS).

I have only heard 1x that ALS was more harsh than SLS. Infact it is more gentle and doesn't always lather as much as SLS and other cheap cleansing agents. That's why it's not very popular. I always look for products that contain ALS or some other type of cleansing agents (many cheap agents out there that can hurt us---u should use the Sage Acne List as a guideline and buy a Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary so that YOU know the truth about what you are using).

I bought a dictionary from Barnes and Nobles for like 12 bucks and am anxiously waiting for an update since there are many new more natural-based cleansing agents I would like to read up on. Plantaren PB (natural oils) can be found in natural showergels and shampoos. Also sugar based cleansers are good such as lauryl polyglucose.

Dont get scared because I said oils....all these cleansing agents are a derivative of either oils (olive oil, coconut oil, etc) or sugars. Natural products just use less or no synthetic versions. Glycerin makes a good cleanser also, but sometimes these ingredients DO need to be in the correct proporions. Plain Glycerin soap on my hands Strips it Dry! Yet on my body using some natural showergel version, it's perfect.

Same goes for Olive & coconut oil soaps. Some strip my skin, others or too emoiliant and I break out, while others are perfect. My fav. natural body bar soap was Auromere's Sandal-Tumeric soap w/ Neem. You can also find it at Mothernature. LOL, we wash our skin with oils, who would have that huh?

Here's some examples:

Physician's Choice Phaze 13 Acne Bar--
Purified water, Glucose polymers, Glycerin, Glycerides, Saponified vegetable oils, Sulfur, Salicylic acid, Honey, Lecithin, Aloe vera extract, Eucalyptus oil, Pine tree oil, Vitamin E.

IsoCare's Skin Control Cleanser: (this is what i've used for 3 months now, no breakouts which is good since I have hormonal cystic type acne at times and had acne since I was 6. It's gentle, highly concentrated--should last me 4 months instead of 3, yet does a good job. The even offer sample packs and sizes of there products. )--DISTILLED WATER, LICHEN SUCCINATE, L-LACTIC ACID, SHEA BUTTER, LAUREL BERRY THIOLS, MILK DISTEARATE, COCONUT/MARSHMALLOW BETAINE, OLEIC FATTY ACID, SALICYLIC ACID, L-MENTHOL, MELALEUCA (L-COMPLEX)(Tea Tree oil), PYRIDOXINE, NIACINAMIDE, D-BIOTIN, D-PANTHENOL, ALLANTOIN, CASTOR OIL SUBERATE, GRAPEFRUIT, LEMON, & TANGERINE, D-FLAVANOIDS/LIQUID CRYSTALS.

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