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Before i went on Diane-35,i was on doxycycline (Monodox) and it was working.(I used to have moderate cystic acne,which started when i was 21-I'm 24 now) I had hormonal tests and everthing came back normal but my derm said Diane-35 could help me anyway so i went on it.My face was pretty clear except the clogged pores.I had no red marks and no pimples and i was actually going out without any make up on.(Yeah,it was great) I kept taking Monodox and also started Diane-35 to kick acne out completely and started getting some breakouts on my chin and jaw line rightaway.It was no big deal because the problem areas are my cheeks and i thought Diane-35 was keeping them clear.I finished my second pack on Friday and i woke up with a huge cyst on my cheek on Saturday.(I remember the day because i had a date and had to cancel it) After this the nightmare began,i was getting 4-5 cysts a week with a bunch of smaller ones.I was also very successful at squeezing them and making things worse.Diane-35 also made me very moody,i spent my days crying and hiding from my friends.After the 6th month,i decided to speak with my derm and she told me to keep taking it.After finising the 10th pack,i couldn't take it anymore and quit.

I honestly don't understand why it had such a bad effect on my acne.I think i'm a rare case.I think if you haven't seen any improvement by the 10th month,you should seek something else but also keep in mind after quitting your acne can get much worse.It's really your decision.You can look into spironolactone/Aldactone.It works quite well for me.(or you can use both Diane-35 and Aldactone)

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