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Hi! You're right. It does take awhile to see the results. They scars were much more noticeable at first because they were so deep (sorry, not trying to scare you...) after the procedure.

So, essentially, by Dr. was correct in not being concerned. It's the lack of information that bothers me now. He didn't mention that it would take this long to see results,nor did he see concerned with *MY* concern. I realize he must do this type of thing all the time, but I don't.

They look much better now. They're slowly raising up and are much shallower than before. I also started using Mederma a week or two after the stitches were out. I didn't ask him about it, but he didn't recommend against it, either. It's an OTC that's good for existing scar improvement. I figured it couldn't hurt. The smaller tube cost $15-18, and the bigger one is closer to $30, I think.

I'm getting my laser in less than two weeks. I'm excited to see what that will do to improve things even further (had one before in '97). If i remember correctly, not only does the laser slough off the top layer of skin, I think it also promotes new collagen growth.

Best of luck to you, and congratulations on your engagement!

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