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I used to have bad acne for almost 2 years, it came when I hit 22-23, adult acne basically.
This usually is because of unbalanced hormones, so what I found very helpful is taking 50mg of timed released zinc every day, as a guy, I found this helped a lot. Always spend the extra money for high quality vitamins, I only use jamiesons as its natural, and very high quality
Another problem was that when I started getting a few zits, I did what everyone else probably does and put all kinds of medications and creams on my face, thinking that this will help clear me sooner- dead wrong. All the products that I was using made it worse, and I used some of the best and most expensive products. One of the reasons for this is that your skin, just like everything else in the human body, needs oxygen to heal itself and be healthy, by puting all kinds of stuff on your skin, even non comodogenic stuff, youre depriving your skin of oxygen. Also, a lot of products can serve as irritants. Because of this, I changed my routine, and only had a benzoyle peroxide cream on at night, and nothing in the daytime, to insure my skin has healing time.
The BEST benzoyle peroxide cream is solugel, by a company called steifel. its expensive (17 canadian for a tube) but its the best hands down, it has a hydrophase base which causes higher absorption, and less drying.
For cleansers, I found that gentle is better, so stay away from stuff like neutrogena, or some of the clean&clear line, unless u have extremely oily skin.
I had best results with cetaphil, which I still only use even though Im clear. If you use that other harsh crap, cetaphil will feel like its not cleaning anything because its so gentle, but trust me, its the best cleaner, and cheap too.
After I noticed my skin had no new zits popping up
(after about 2-3 months of using just solugel at night, and cetaphil as a cleanser), I alternated nights using solugel and netrogena's clear pore, which is a very good, gentle exfoliation product (salycilic acid). And after it seemd clear with no zits or bumps, just red spots and marks, I used only clear pore every night, and no more benzolye peroxide (this was after another 2-3 months of alternating). Now, I only use clear pore every second or third night. The bad side to using acids to exfoliate is that it thins your skin, but at least its clear and smooth.
Sorry for the long post, but I used to visit this board when I had a zit covered face, and I wanted to maybe try and help someone else who was suffering the way I did.
so this is what I used again :
50mg zinc daily
Multi vitamin daily
500mg time released vitamin C

Cetaphil by Galderma
Solugel (with hydrophase) by Steifel
Clear pore by Neutrogena

I hope you all have clearer skin soon

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