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I've seen so many people having b5 work in like 1 week awhile ago. Lately though it seems b5 isnt working as well. I've been on b5 for almost 3 weeks and no improvement. How long is b5 suppose to take to actually start working ot all of you who are clear from this medicine. I'm just losing hope in this vitamin that i thought would help my acne.
been on b5 for 4 weeks and a couple days here. i THINK it might be starting to work because it seems like my existing acne is starting to fade into only red mark, but i'll have to wait another week or two before i can say for sure if it's finally started working. some people on here have waited 2 months before it kicked in. it sucks waiting, but then again accutane usually takes in the months to kick in too. if i'm not pleased in a few more weeks, i might switch to oldguy's BHT regimen because i really think it makes more sense than B5 plus apparently you can indulge in more fatty foods at the same time. i'm going to start taking saw palmetto in a couple days to see if that will help me.... even though that is going against the rule to not try any 2 things at the same time, i just really want to get rid of acne.
Dr. Leung said a very few people saw results after a few days. He said most took at least a month or two. But the dosages were also at least ten grams a day plus a b5 cream mixture applied to the face. So it will probably take longer to see results if you're only taking 5 or 6 grams a day like most people on this board. I was taking 5 grams a day for about 3 weeks, and I noticed my skin was drier, but then it started getting oily again, so I upped it to 6 grams a day. It didn't really make my face much drier, but my cystic acne is gone (cross my fingers). I've been on it for about a month right now with modest results. AND I use GNC brand, even though it gets a bad rap. Hope this helps.
I had cystic acne on my face. Not any more with 10g for 3 months plus a change of diet. Where I noticed it is in the morning my face and hair used to be so greasy it looked wet. No I don't even have to wash my hair every day and its not greasy. I think my hair is also added bonus!

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