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I am officially on week 5.......still having breakouts, getting very impatient and depressed. Wouldn't think the stupid stuff would take this long...will it not work for me?? I have moderate and VERY persistant acne. I know it's in my system because in combination with the 3 day a week accutane my skin is pretty dry. Drinking at least 1 1/2 gal of water per day. Went out and got Cetaphil Moisture Cream to use sparingly in the dryest spots because I think I'm also breaking out in the very dry areas, (like the oil gets trapped or something).....
I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago, so I should have that much going on with hormones......what's the deal? Is is time to throw in the towel?? for me this is the last resort and I'm really depressed it's not working. Twice now I thought I was clearing, only to have that "feeling" diminish in a couple of days with the start of the next breakout. Cheeks, sides of chin, jawline. And it seems like the same ones over and over again, like the scab forms and the oil builds up in the same place. And I do exfoliate......NOW WHAT?......I'm tired of feeling this way and always searching for answers. Like so many of you, I am looking for answers and worn out!..

Please advise/////
Do I stay on the Spiro or not?? Like I said, I have taken 5 weeks so far at 100 mg.....

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