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Hey. I have been watching your guy's post for a long time and decided to jump in. I think I may have something similar to what you guys have, but I get lost in all of those big words, so I thought I would just tell you what I have and maybe you can tell me if we are on the same line or not. Anyway, I have huge pores. On top of this my skin is so oily, I have tried to find someone with oilier skin and I have had no luck. The area that is the most oiliest is my nose. After I get annoyned of the glare I will wipe my sleeve at it or something and within 5 minutes it is back. My forehead and inner cheeks are also like this. Accutane made my forehead and cheeks dry, but my nose was still a little shiny. I think that this may be why my pores are so big. On my forehead the pores are enlarged and there are these red spots that wont go away, but it is relatively mild compared to my nose and cheeks. My nose is the second worst, constantly oily and I have blackheads in there that I have had some recent luck with, but on the sides of my nose they will not go away. My cheeks are disgusting. From about my nose to the ends of my eye down to the end of my nose and across, kinda like a rectangle, my pores are huge. You can see them a mile away. I tried B5-didnt do a thing for the pores or oil, Accutane-shut off oil and helped with pores but since my face was red I could never really tell how much they shrunk, fish oil-nothing, and right now I am take around 9 things of Vitamin A in the morning to try and help the oil/blackheads. It has helped somewhat, but I take them at 6:45 and by 9:00 I am pretty much oily.

That is the pore and oil thing. On top of that my cheeks are really weird. I have different colored little dots and spots that are darker than the rest of my skin. I had always thought my skin was rough, but I think because I have these dark spots, it is not rough. When I feel my skin it is really smooth. I dont know what these dark and red spots are. They have been here for about a year, some longer, and if these were gone my face would look a lot better, but they just stay there. I dont know what they are, but they really bug me.

I know part of my problem is my parents, my dad has large pores, not my size but larger than most and my moms skin is horrible. I had looked into photo rejuventation, a laser thing, to help with the constant oil and pore size. I think it is similar or the same thing as that V-Beam you all were talking about. I was wondering, how permanent are the results, and if I understand you are shrinking the oil glands so that you do not have that oily skin and therefore your pores will shrink??? Well I hope it works out for you and I would appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback. Thanks!!!

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