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hey thanks stepher!! and to that person who wanted to know about TCA peels...basically you got 3 different kinds of peels... 1.) superficial peels..which are basically your glycolic...fruit acid peels... 2.) medium peels - which are your TCA peels...... 3.) deep peels which are you phenol peels... it's really hard to explain what each peel does... your best bet is to do a yahoo search on TCA FACIAL PEEL... or chemical or farial peel... make sure you put TCA in there... that's how i learned about TCA peels ..thru a websearch... but anyway, the TCA peel is kinda harsh.. it goes deeper than your normal superficial peel or microdermabrasion.. i had 6 microderm treatments.. it was ok at getting rid of red marks..but it kinda sucked at getting rid of my scars.. the TCA peels are more worth it cause it goes deeper....i seriously would only use microderm to get rid of red marks.. it doesnt really help with scars.. you need a peel or something else... and the peels will depend on your skin color and how your skin reacts.. i have brown skin.. thankfully my skin didnt react at all to the peel.... you could get hypo or hyperpigmentation with the deeper for that.. but i think if you are white, it's ok.... it's just darker skin people that need to worry.. but for some reason, it didnt change my skin color at all..except lighten it up a little (i have the skin color of jennifer lopez to give you an idea of my skin tone).. a websearch and check it out. any other questions, feel free to ask me... thanks

- jamie

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