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ok, thanks for all the posts!!! yes, i got a TCA peel 2 weeks ago... let me tell you all what happened....

--- first off, i read all your posts and all your questons....and i'll answer them all...sorry i didnt write back earlier, i was realy busy and kinda depressed.... but it's all good now... let me explain .

first to all those who dont know, i have brown skin and acne scars... i have all sorts of scars and discoloration and uneveness everywhere... (screw naming what kind of scars they are , they are just there and it's all over my cheeks).. my forehead is perfect and so is my chin.. but my nose has blocked pores ...anyway, my cheeks has scars... so i did that microderm/ glycolic peels...dont do the microderm.. it's just a way spas get money....i thought it would work, but it's a con in my opinion.. i tried the most powerful microderm machines in the plastic surgeon offices...i would lie to the ladies and make them put it on the highest settings.. after 5 treatments and still scars i said i would rather give away money to charity than to false promises.... the glycolic peels are ok i guess if you have like 2 years to spare of your life.. i want to have a good looking face like now... screw pisses me off to see murdereers on tv with clean faces (yuo know you all notice that)..(yon know everybody here sees somebody with a clean face walk in and that's the first thing you notice)..... i am so self conscious.. i think i am gonna go see a shrink. every mirror i pass, i have to look at my face.. i sometimes am scared to look at window reflections and i avoid going out in the daylight if i can do it...can anybody relate? anyway, 2 weeks ago i go to see this DERMaTOLOGIST here in chicago.... i dont know if i can post his name or his number , so i'll post it on another post that's not so long ok? anyway, he was really optimisitc about my face (the first derm to ever do so)...he told me that if you want to see drastic results, you have to be aggressive....and with being aggressive there are risks....anyway, i agreed with him.. no pain no gain.. so we went with the TCA PEEL at 30%..he put it on both my cheeks..... my face had this DARK BROWN patch (like a scab) for a whole week... i had to go to work with it and everybody looked at me funny. it was embarrassng. i was like, man...that was a WILD SUNBURN....and they owuld ask, yeah but why only on both cheeks and not your entire face and how come it looks like a scab..and then i said.. well i didnt place the sunscreen on my cheeks cause i ran out that day and the reason why it looks like a scab...ummm..and then i told them that it was really bad sunburn...and i passed out due to my alcohol problems...and they shut up then cause they have alcohol problems....anyway, after a week, the dark brown pathches of skin peels off.... and underneath it was a bright pink layer of skin... it was really messedd up.. here i was , some brown boy (i have the color of jennifer lopez) with some pink patches of skin... it was like when you scrape your arm...that pinkness... it looked really odd... i was so depressed.. i couldnt post here.. i felt like i was doomed..what did i do/? anyway, another week passed and everyday the pink started going's been about a week now and you can only see a tiny discoloarion from my cheeks if you look in the brightest of the brightest flourescnet lights....i think the more i go out in the sun , the more the pinkness will turn back to the same color of my other derm said that if my skin hyper or hypo pigmented , he can fix it no matter what... but it hasn't done either so i'm not worried.... i'm gonna give it time...pretty soon i think in a month, i would be able to tell where i got my peel....but actualy i'm gonna see derm this tuweday for the 2 week checkup and i'm gonna get another TCA peel and i think i'll go for a higher setting cause the first TCA peel worked ok... it was the best thign i did for scars yet....i saw it improved about 5-10 percent... it's not much but i heard with a series of these, it would be better... so i'm gonna try to get a TCA peel at 40 % now if i can... and i'm gonna get 5-6 or these and if i dont see results that i want, and if i dont see it, i'm gonna get injections...whether it be collagen or saline.....and if that doesnt work i'm going for hte PHENOL PEEL in april...rumor has it, that this peel will give you the same skin you had a baby, but it could have complications, like i heard it could stop your heart during the procedure....but it's a risk im willing to take.... by the way, i'm moving up and up in my treatment of these scars... mark my works, i will have clear i'm am gonna post my derm's info on another post everybody cause i heard that some people's posts get deleted if you advertise.... anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this...people ASK ME QUESTIONS if you have any.. i am sorta an expert on acne and scars... i am in my 20s and i have been battling for more than half my life now with this horrible diesase...thanks

- jamie

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