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Hi everyone.

I'm a 19-year-old female, university student, who lives in Toronto, Ontario.

I'm on Day 10 of 100mg Docycycline (brand name: Novo Doxylin) along with a topical regiment of Benzoyl Peroxide (8%) once at night. I have moderate acne. It's usually medium-sized red spots mostly in my cheek area and forehead. I rarely get whiteheads/blackheads. I've noticed sweating/heat is what especially aggravates my acne and causes the most breakouts.

I've never gone to the doctor specifically for acne treatment. I've tried 2% salycylic acid treatment, and just got off my "natural" treatment with tea tree oil and vitamins. I've stopped tea tree oil now that I'm using BP, but I still take Vitamin C and E.

I am also on the birth control pill--Alesse. I used to be on OrthoTricyclen, but it made me go insane.

So, here's the deal. I'm going to document my ups and downs with antibiotics. I've heard really good things about antibiotics, but also really bad things. I'm scared that my body will develop resistance, but am incredibly afraid of going on accutane. That is why I opted for an antibiotic.

I haven't really noticed an extreme difference YET. I've had less breakouts on my cheeks, but there have been breakouts in places where I normally haven't gotten pimples, like around my jawline and one on my chest.

From what I read, it takes about a month to notice any significant results. So that's, what, 20 more days? :>

The BP dries out my skin. I use Cetaphil in the mornings after I wash my face with Biore Salycylic Acid treatment, though I think I'm going to cut down to less harsh facial wash. SA and BP is probably stressing my face out a lot.

But anyway, I haven't suffered side effects, really. The first day I got mildly nauseated because of the Doxy., but I take it with my biggest meal of the day (lunch) which reduces anything noticeable.

I'm crossing my fingers this will work. I stress out a lot. My method is to wear my hair down over my face--the thought of pulling my hair back is like, the scariest thing, ever.

Any comments/experiences/suggestions/encouragement would be wonderful.

I'll be updated as much as I can.

I hope this helps some people, too.

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