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I've been using Sage for about a week and a half. I'm going very slowly with introducing all the products cuz I didn't want some massive initial breakout with this damn wedding I'm standing up in tomorrow. Anyway, I have to say that I LOVE the Fix Zit XX with Sulfur. Man, you dab that on a big mother at night and it's mostly gone in the morning. Amazing! Other than that, I've been using the grains only in the morning, reg. shampoo, the Miracle Zit Zapper, a little OLC, and small amounts of the various strengths of Fix Zit. My skin does look relatively good and I'm eager to see what happens when I can really do the full routine and other products. I am doing the egg mask too so I don't know which things are helping my skin (and even hurting it as I have had more cystic type blemishes as of the last week, but it was menstrual time so that might be it too). I've babbled a lot here, eh? Anyway, so far so good with Sage...
Hey Rag...i got more cysts from the egg mask as well..made my skin doubt there..but defn made me break out with more cysts...i am on accutane and 3rd week of sage...i am just going to stick with the sage for scared to go to egg mask again after that.....maybe it is just to much for my skin with everything else...good luck at your wedding...i hope your skin looks great..i am sure it will

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