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Hey there Contego. I think you need to read my
post a little more CLEARLY. I said nothing about
dairy products NOT causing acne, as I believe
100% that dairy products have a major hand in
developing ongoing breakouts.

However, they can be a symtom that eventually
leads to acne if a person's internal system is
not adequately prepared to filter, normalize,
and remove hormones from their system.

If someone moves to nonfat butter, cheese,
yogurt, and milk (in moderation) then they will
NOT experience any NEW breakouts due to butter,
cheese, yogurt, and milk. Again, this still has
to be in moderation and just because they're
nonfat it doesn't mean they become "staple"
foods within their diets.

Their is actually an ingredient in dairy products
(and it is not the hormones) that will trigger
future breakouts - in acne prone people - because
it will eventually lead to thicker sebum. It is
the thick sebum (not the amount) that is the
ultimate reason behind breakouts. Excess oil just
allows them to flourish longer and grow larger.

As per your reply, THANK GOD not everyone's skin
is like mine. I had severe cystic and postular
acne for over 14 years.

I am not a doctor nor do I ever care to be. I
am just a former acne sufferer looking to help
others to rid their skin of all the problems
acne can bring to their lives.

I have helped MANY people clear their skin within
months, bringing back glowing complexions and pos-
itive (outgoing) outlooks on life.

Again, to emphasize your point, I know everyone's
skin is different. However, my system has helped
ALL skin colors, and ALL skin ages remove acne
from their skin.

I do not say this to put down anyone on this board.
I look up to everyone who takes time out of their
busy schedule to frequent this board (as well as
others) to learn and to hopefully help others remove
this dreaded disease from their lives.

I am NOT defending anything I have said on my
previous posts. I know what works (time and time
again) and I know what doesn't.

I have proven my system (and theories) in actual
cases where my clients have sucessfully overcome
their acne troubles. That's why I come to these
boards, to help pass on what I learned - through
countless hours of experimentation - what is
ACTUALLY working...while, little by little, re-
moving THEORY from the process.

show me the courtesy of doing the same before you
call people names and show your ignorance.

I can take constructive criticism all day long,
including negative reactions to ideas/techniques,
due to the highly negative nature of this disease.
However, it looks like you need to read the posting
policies for this board.

Just earn to keep an open mind and don't be so
quick to throw away ideas/tips that others have
used (as proven ways) to conquer this aweful disease!

I hope this helps


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