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I'm tired of all the beautiful people on TV. Here's my picks for new shows!!!

The Flying Nun with acne – A young sister is given the gift of flight because she only weighs 98 pounds and has bad acne so she needs to fly high enough so no one can see her face!

Gilligan’s Acne Island – A group of acne patients take a three hour tour and get stranded on an island where there are no drug stores!

Caspar the friendly zit – a cute little whitehead named Caspar just wants to be everyone’s friend but he finds people are terrified of him. Rated R for strong language!

Dark Shadows – A gothic town where everyone has acne skeletons in their closet and dark shadows on their face. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Twilight Scar – Rod Sterling’s creepy show about a scar that appears to go away in certain light but then appears again every other time you look in the mirror.

The Beverly Hillpimples – A poor mountain family discovered a weird “gunk” bubbling out of the ground and decide to market it as acne medication. They become rich overnight.

Charlie’s Angel’s acne – Three pretty women with bad acne go undercover each week so people won’t recognize them.

Fantasy Island – People buy acne medication and use it and it works.

Ellen – A woman decides to come out with the truth and tell people the REAL reason her face is red. Expect protests from the anti-laser and anti-peel folks.

Judging Amy – Each week you the viewer get to judge how her acne medication is working.

Acne and Lacey – Two woman cops battle hormonal acne.

Everybody loves Raison (pudding) – Everybody also has acne in this food lovers comedy.

Sesame Street – An entire neighborhood decides to get laser treatment but then they go out in the sun and ruin their skin as it turns furry and stuffed animal like. Also, the laser made them stupid so they have to learn their numbers and letters again.

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