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Crazy~ Well, I just read that if you have an allergic reaction to benz. perox. that you should use the soap right after the cleanser. Ask him or look on the website for details about that. Doesn't sound like you are alergic if you don't think you have sensative skin, though. I bet you feel like your skin "looks" oily because you are used to stripping all the oil out everytime you wash your face. you feel like your skin isn't clean unless it feels tight and dry. am i right? what products are you using now (or were using before)? did it contain b.p.? try to get over feeling like your face is oily, it most likely is not. if you strip all the oil out of your face, your oil glands will work overtime to compensate and end up making your skin oilier! it is true! over time, your skin will stop producing so much oil if you stop taking so much out of it! just give it time.

I would say this is good for scars if you're talking about red marks from acne, because it is exfoliating and soothing. I used to have horrible red scaly, peeling, inflamed patches of skin covering all over my nose, and they are hardly visible now. but i don't have deep scars, so it depends on your scars, i guess.

i wear very little makeup for my normal daily routine, and always try to let any irritated acne breathe. but it does specifically say you can wear makeup until your acne clears. i would invest in a good concealer and powder and keep it light. i always hated trying to cover up peeling, icky scabs on pimply areas cause it seems to make all the flakes glow. it's impossible to cover that stuff up evenly and smoothly, with anything i've used, anyway. so unless i had something important, i just let it be (i don't work with the public). i just this weekend found a wonderful concealer at MAC (the one in the tube, not the jar), but i only need it for under-eye circles mostly now, since i'm almost completely clear. but for that it is WONDERFUL. To answer your question I would say use minimal makeup when you go out, but when you get home, wash your face with the natural bar soap, then let it be. Don't be tempted to use any other products! I use the cleanser in the morning in the shower.

sorry you haven't gotten a response from him. when you ordered the cleanser, did you get it from ebay? you can contact him through there or go to the website. every time i have ever e-mailed him i get a reply the next day. He seems like a very honest guy. good luck!

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