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Originally posted by vitamin_man:

I'll say it agian.....what happens when you stop b5
and the oil starts agian...PROBLEM.

You "face" this problem when you stop taking Accutane, too. I don't know what it is, but something is suppresed within cellular activity so that cysts and inflammation in the skin's follicles seem to stop. It's wonderful! For some, the suppression can last a lifetime, a few months, for me, it lasted close to 8 years. Then I started to see recurring imflammation and cystic activity.

Regretably, finding a dermatologist that would represcribe the Accutane was impossible for me. I was going to have to go through the many antibiotics to prove what I already knew worked. Antibiotics just caused me misery--emotional because the cysts were alive and well and physical because I itched in places that I never want to feel again.

I agree with you, Vitamin Man, that megadosing with vitamins should come with a caution, but I seriously have problems with the eagerness the dermatological profession has with dosing acne with antibiotics. And the excuses for not using Accutane, even in small dosages, in lieu of oral antibiotic therapy, just utterly baffles me.

I am very sorry you have had this negative experience with vitamin B, but you have added to the body of knowledge about this supplement's usage in acne therapy. I would even say to you, that it might be worth it to you to try the B5 but in smaller amounts and see how the effectiveness compares with results from Accutane. You have taken Accutane, right?

Your caution is merited with megadosing vitamins. But taking a doctor's drug carries with it warnings too. It's our choice to heed the warnings our bodies give us when we engage in therapies to affect changes. Respectfully, Pat Brown

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