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Egg Yolks.
Sep 19, 2002
I'm new to this board.

I saw Erin's post about the Egg Yolk Mask, and how it works miricles on skin.

I read about all the post on it, and seen how many people were happy and what not about it. Then I saw another post where people said it made their skin even worse then before and how not to use it.

Well...I used it last niht and it made my skin look really good and the fact I dont have acne must help more. However....while I was reading the replies to Erin's post, I noticed some people were using the mask 2-3 times a day and thats a no-no right there.

I then got worried about my skin breaking out and decided to read up on the Egg Yolk Mask. I read on a skin and beauty site that you are only supposed to use the mask ONCE a Week, not once a DAY, and I think thats what is causing peoples skin to be even worse and I think its from over-using it.

Also drink alot of water, I drink about 20 cups a day, earlier this month I was drinking close to 100 and it helped my skin out also.

I hope I've been any help. Maybe some people here should do the same thing I'm going to do and only use it once a week (every Monday for me) and we can update each other with the results. Good luck everyone.

God Bless New York City.

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Re: Egg Yolks.
Sep 19, 2002
I'm glad its working for you.I did not have any acne either when I first used the egg yolk mask.I won't touch an egg with a ten foot pole now !

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