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Im a guy.
and Dude, you dont know how goo dyou have it.. You think getting 4 pimples is breaking out... I wish I could have 4 at one time.... I have tons. Diff. sizes and shapes. Some right next to eachother so they look bigger. Plus I'm only eat basically wheat bread, turkey, water, and fruits and vegies. If I go back to eating regular food It will get like 30% worse.

So I do whatever I can to keep it at the best it can be. The best it can be on a REALLY REALLLY good day, (which I only get like 1-3 good days a month), Would be Like maybe a total of 8-10 that are REALLY visible. But I hardly EVER have a little bit like that, 8-10 is on a good day. PLus I gotta deal with the old red spots left over from acne.

So my face still looks messed up everyday I have like 20-30 all over in diff. places. Sometimes in my hair and my hair is like a number 3 so you can totally see it.... So my face is still crappy and I eat all healthy and all that.

Imagine beinw with your friends with your face messed up when 5 months ago it wasnt even this bad... You always think someone will mention it, sometimes they do. They go to taco bell and eat, you sit there and wait till you guys drive somewhere else and then go eat your plain wheat/turkey sandwich while your driving.... Plud everyone else I was there with that night had flawless skin. They drink, smoke and all that, eat whatever they want.. PERFECT SKIN..

Not me, I was the ONLY one. And It was was all dried up with some scabs and stuff. Not to sound mean but you shouldnt even be on this web site.. your lucky that y ous hasnt gotten as bad as mine. I used to have it GOOD like you have it when i first started getting acne around 7th or 8th grade. I used to get all tripped out like you.... now my faces has 35-40 right now. I just counted, a couple cysts.. alot of diff sized white heads... and some hard red ones on my freakin head..

So you need to realize how good you have it. Stop wastign time on this message board. You have no reason to be on it.. Your face STILL can get worse in 1 year, OR JUST 1 MONTH. Thats what happend to me I was getting 5-8 persistantly, and 1-2 days where i woul dbe almost clear. 1 month later I have like 20 on the parts of my cheeks where i shave, my jawline, nose, all that.... REALIZE PLEASE.

It gets me mad when people dont realeize how good they have it with acne.. My friend smokes weed SO MUCH everyday at least. He never hardly ever gets 1 zit EVER.... And when I smoke that makes my face worse along with the ANy fod with milk, flour, surgar, iodine, which those are in almost everything.... All I eat mostly is bread!

And my friend that eats whatever greasy food fast food he wants, and smokes all time... has a perfect face..

THEN...When he gets 1 ZIT, 1 ZIT!!!!! A little bit above his left eyebrow. Not even big at all!!!!! maybe like the circular size of this: " <------

Then he looks in the mirror at school RIGHT NEXT TO ME AND SOME FRIENDS AND SAYS, "DAMN out of everywhere I have to get a zit I get one right here!"

What The F!!!!! He doesnt know how good he has it either.....And then he gets mad at me and wonders why I havent been smoking lately.... or I hardly ever chill with them anymore.... WHAT WILL I DO IF I GO VOER TO HIS HOUSE. SIT THERE!!!!!

People piss me off. I aint tryint o be mean or act like an a$$! But seriously you have it GOOD. Enjoy.

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