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I'm new to this and I have teenage acne. Mild I should say. It's not around my cheeks, it's around my nose area and on my chin. I've had it for about a year now. It's slightly improved over time, but not drastically. It's REALLY getting me down.

I've just been on a drug (fogot what it's called) for 6 months and it did nothing for mr at all! I was very annoyed. Now the doc's put me on minocycline.

Has anyone here had any great results with minocycline? If so, how long did it take for the drug to kick in and work? I read on a site, that you should see big resluts after 2 months.

I'm also using differin gel. Has anyone used this? If so, how long did this take to show results? My doctor didn't say how long this would take to kick in.

Anyway, if you could give me some advice.Thanks.

From a depressed teenager,
I was on those and they NOTHING AT ALL. Even if they do, its temporary.

What destroyed my zits were facials monthly
I was on both of them too. And I am still on differin but with doryx and benzaclin

I think mino takes about 2 months and differin about the same. I had good results until being taken off the antibiotic. But everyone is different Good luck
I use the Differin Gel. You will break out worse at first, but then in a few weeks you will notice pretty good results. You have to use it faithfully though. Remember, nothing works overnight. You will be okay.


PS it can be a little drying, so use a moisturizer. Also using more than prescribed wont make it work faster, just dries your skin more.

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