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I would like to know how the different treatments are going for people on this board. For how long they have been working(or not working).

-I am taking minocin 100mg caps twice daily.
-I am washing my face with Clean & Clear Continous Control in the morning and in the pm
I- am use a moisturizing lotion ONLY in the morning (my face is oily. I heard you still have to moisturize every day. This moisturzing lotion is for people with acne prone skin.
-I use BP cream on my face 1-2 times a day depending on how oily my face gets.
-I have an astringent although I avoid using it as I've been told that if you use an astringent on your face it sucks up all the oil and you face produces more to make up for the loss.
- I use Retin A micro in the evenings before going to bed

I just started taking minocin. I have been on it for about 2 days now. It makes me dizzy.
As for everything else I've been doing ( BP cream, retin A, C&C wash - a couple of years)

I am doing SO much for my face. I would think after putting this much effort into my face it would be clear. I bet half the people in this world with clear skin don't put this much effort into their face.

Dana {=c)

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